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Our Services

Wilson Architecture + Design, LLC is a full service architectural company that believes the built environment should support how we live our lives. To do this, our team of experts collaborates with our clients to develop projects that influence and accommodate what they do in their space.

Programming & Pre-Design

Programming begins with our initial consultation, a general discussion of your project goals, and budgetary expectations, and a review of our contract terns and fees.

Schematic Design

After we have established and Agreement for Services, we move forward with Schematic Design. It involves a more in-depth discussion of your project goals and requirements.

Design Development

Design Development further refines the Schematic Design documents. During this phase, the structural engineer lays out and size the structural framing and door and window types and locations are reviewed and established.

Construction Documents

Once the Design Developments are approved by the owner, the architect will produce drawings in greater detail and revise the Outline Specifications. Construction details and material selections will be provided as required for permitting and construction.

Contractor Selection, Pricing & Contract Negotiation

The Construction Documents will be used to obtain final pricing from the contractor(s) and apply for a building permit. Construction may begin once the owner is satisfied with the pricing, the permit is obtained, and an Owner–Contractor Agreement is signed.

Construction Administration & Observation

The architect will interpret the Contract Documents, answer questions, and develop clarification sketches as required. The architect will also visit the site, review progress, and review the work for compliance with the Contract Documents.

Additional Services Include

  • Feasibility Study

  • Master Planning

  • Existing Conditions Survey

  • Permitting Assistance

  • Accessibility Evaluations

  • 3D Design

  • Interior Design

  • Space Planning

Thank you for all of your time, availability, energy and expertise. While we are happy to have it completed, we will miss working with you. It was a true pleasure. you have changed our lives and that of the house, forever.

Scott & Lisa