Our Services

Wilson Architecture + Design, LLC is a full service architectural company that believes the built environment should support how we live our lives. To do this, our team of experts collaborates with our clients to develop projects that influence and accommodate what they do in their space.

Programming & Pre-Design

Programming begins with our initial consultation, a general discussion of your project goals, and budgetary expectations, and a review of our contract terns and fees.

Schematic Design

After we have established and Agreement for Services, we move forward with Schematic Design. It involves a more in-depth discussion of your project goals and requirements.

From this discussion we establish the required functions of the project and estimated square footage, referred to as Programming. Then the architect develops study drawings to illustrated concepts of design, spatial relationships, scale, and form for your review. The architect will also research zoning requirements and jurisdictional restrictions.

Design Development

Design Development further refines the Schematic Design documents. During this phase, the structural engineer lays out and size the structural framing. Doors and window types and locations are reviewed and established. A supplemental, written description of the project, referred to as outline specifications, is also prepared to supplement the drawings.

Deliverables: Floor plans with overall dimensions, exterior views of each building facade, building sections, outline specifications and door, window and finish schedules.

Construction Documents

Once the Design Developments are approved by the owner, the architect will produce drawings in greater detail and revise the Outline Specifications. Construction details and material selections will be provided as required for permitting and construction.

Deliverables: Construction Drawings and Outline Specifications

Contractor Selection and Pricing & Contract Negotiation

The Construction Documents will be used to obtain final pricing from the contractor(s) and apply for a building permit. Construction may begin once the owner is satisfied with the pricing, the permit is obtained, and an Owner–Contractor Agreement is signed.

Construction Administration & Observation

Construction Administration services are provided during construction.

The architect will interpret the Contract Documents, answer questions, and develop clarification sketches as required. The architect will also visit the site, review progress, and review the work for compliance with the Contract Documents.

Additional Services Include

Our office combines experience, energy, and creativity to innovate design solutions that reflect each client’s preferences, lifestyle, and personality. We bring together a team of consultants to provide a suite of services that will develop our client’s space based on their needs.

  • Feasibility Study

    We can examine multiple alternative design solutions for your project, evaluating complexity, cost, and benefits to determine how best to complete the project.

  • Master Planning

    No one wants to take something apart that they just put together. A master plan provides for a comprehensive plan of current and future renovations and construction that may occur to ensure that current work accounts for work to be done in the future.

  • Existing Conditions Survey

    Let us evaluate your existing space. We field measure existing conditions, create plans, document existing utility entrances, identify problem areas, and assess the overall functionality.

  • Permitting Assistance

    Our team can navigate local approval processes from zoning approval to building permits. We also handle issues of site analysis, access, circulation, and parking.

  • Accessibility Evaluations

    As part of renovations or even relocating, our clients sometimes need to improve accessibility to new commercial space or their home. We have years of experience integrating accessible design into our projects.

  • 3D Design

    Our office utilizes ArchiCAD as a 3D BIM-based software, allowing us to create your project in three dimensions. From still images to virtual walk-throughs, our clients can have a truer picture of what their final design will look like.

  • Interior Design

    Let our interior design team infuse your personality into your space. We can create a concept that incorporates just the right colors and accents to cultivate a feeling of home, however you define it.

  • Space Planning

    Our team space plans for your new office space, warehouse, storage facility, and more, accommodating and maximizing your budget for just the right look and feel. Optimal layouts make completing projects easier and more enjoyable.